Welcome to Validation System

We have a verification system authentication codes, this will give you the assurance that these acquire a 100% reliable.

In Medical-Pharma we care about your safety, we developed a platform where you can check the products that come directly from our laboratories by a security code printed inside each box, you can validate it in the form on this page, just write your code and press to validate know if your product is authentic. We constantly work against piracy and counterfeit products.

1 trials

For security reasons, each has 1 attempts code verification, after this expire code and send the alert code has expired.


The codes are generated alphanumerically and stored in a database, which ensures that each code is unique.

How does it work

Search inside your box a security code, this is made up of numbers and letters, then enter your code in the "Insert Your Code" field on the form and finally press the button "validate".


if your code is correct, you will have a congratulatory message, otherwise an error message, indicating that there is something wrong with the product or code.